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I'm Gbadamosi Coral, a professional forex trader and crypto expert with a passion for financial markets. My expertise and experience make me your ideal partner for success in the world of trading.

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CMG Synthetic is a dedicated group of traders focused on analyzing synthetic pairs and markets. Our goal is to achieve a high level of profitability by leveraging financial tools, risk management strategies, and technical analysis.

Forex Mentorship Programs

Forex Signals and Live Analysis

Trading Bots & Softwares

Advanced Trading Courses

Forex Mentorship Programs

Unlock your trading potential with our comprehensive forex mentorship programs.

Forex Signals and Live Analysis

Receive real-time forex signals and in-depth analysis to make informed trading decisions.

Trading Bots & Software

Automate your trading strategies and enhance your trading efficiency with cutting-edge software.

Advanced Trading Courses

Enroll in our advanced trading courses to master the art of trading.

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Are you ready to take your trading to the next level? Join us and unlock your full trading potential.

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Happy Clients: CMG is dedicated to providing the best trading experience.

Oppurtunities: Offering forex mentorship, signals, trading bots, and advanced courses.

Experience: Over 3 years of combined trading expertise.

Expertise: In-depth knowledge in forex trading and crypto markets.

Odimayomi Tayo

Synthetic Trader

I started as an entry-level trader with no knowledge of the forex market a year ago. Thanks to CMGfx, I've grown significantly in knowledge and experience. They provide valuable information for trading currency pairs and synthetic indices. CMGfx is not only knowledgeable but also dedicated and customer-friendly, helping me make successful trades.

Osarogiagbon Dominion

Synthetic Trader

Coral has been my mentor for nearly 2 years as a Retail/Synthetic trader. Despite a busy schedule, he taught me proper forex trading, boosting my confidence and resilience. From teacher to mentor, he's unwavering in support, even as I trade independently. If you're seeking a mentor who prioritizes your growth and success, Coral is the one.

Chukwu Bright Chibuikem

Day Trader

As a day trader with one year of experience, I wanted to express my pride in my growth journey in forex trading. Joining CMGFX Academy has been a significant part of my success. I'm eager to continue learning and expanding my knowledge. Kudos to me for taking the plunge into forex trading and to CMGFX for their valuable guidance and resources!

Powell Gbadamosi (Epignosis synthetic)

Day Trader

Joining CMGFX Trading Academy has significantly boosted his trading success. He emphasizes the platform's user-friendliness, expert analysis, and responsive support as invaluable assets. Powell has not only grown his trading account but has also gained deeper market insights through CMGFX Academy. He highly recommends CMGFX Academy for anyone serious about forex trading.


Day Trader

As someone who is still in the learning phase with limited trading experience, I've observed that CMGFX is not only an experienced trader but also deeply committed to helping others succeed. The CMGFX community is incredibly supportive, making the path to trading success feel less daunting and more attainable.